5 Things To Do In Virginia Beach – Away from Tourists

Photo by billbarber1I live in Southern Virginia, which in summer is overrun with tourists. Most locals won’t go anywhere near the resort area during the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. With some house guests coming soon, I started thinking, though, about our favorite places to take people that is off the tourist path. Here is my list:

  • Seashore State Park. This park, also called First Landing, is where the first landing for the Jamestown ships occurred. There are miles of hiking through unspoiled land, and a way to the Back Bay – a nice place to take kids to swim.
  • Hit The Local’s Beach. The ocean is great….but it’s crowded and the surf can be rough. This area of Virginia also has another body of water: the Chesapeake Bay. The bay beaches are less crowded, and mostly have no currents or rough surf. The plus of abundant parking near the beach makes this a must for people with young kids.
  • Frankie’s. This restaurant is a local favorite, and serves excellent ribs and barbecue. (If you’re from the north, don’t give yourself away by saying “barbecue what?” In the south, barbecue is a noun, not a verb.) We like to take family there because of the relaxed atmosphere and excellent food.
  • Historic Houses. This area was settled very early, and there are numerous historic sites. Two of the lesser-known houses within the Virginia Beach city lines are the Thoroughgood House and the Francis Land House. Both offer excellent historic interpretations.
  • Visit Mount Trashmore. Visiting a dump site is not high on everyone’s list; however, Mount Trashmore is a great place to fly kites, play on the playgrounds, or walk around the lake. There is also a skateboard park for those so inclined.

  • Just in case you’re wondering, the picture does come from signs that are posted at the ocean front. I didn’t take it, though.

    Photo by billbarber1


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